1. Posture: Sit in a comfortable upright position.

Hands: Cup your hands together, like you’re about to drink from a clean alpine stream, and hold them in front of your heart. Relax your shoulders, let your arms rest at your sides and feel every other part of your body relaxing and releasing.

Eyes and Mental Focus: In this posture, simply sit with your eyes closed and try to visualize all that you are grateful for in your life falling into your cupped hands.

Breath: Breathe deeply and feel yourself merging with the light of all of those blessings you hold in your hands.

2. Rose, Bud, Thorn.

This is a wonderful gratitude exercise to practice with kids, if you have them, but can also be practiced alone, or with a very patient pet☺
Take a moment every evening and ask yourself:
What is the best part of your day? (your rose)
What you’re looking forward to? (your bud) &
What didn’t go so well (your thorn) (no blaming or excuse making allowed, just information for yourself going forward)
If you live with other people, go around the table and share.

3. Thankfulness flossing.

When you’re brushing your teeth in the morning, give thanks. You don’t have to write a thank you note. You’re busy, flossing. Just go through a mental checklist and if there is someone who’s been nice to you recently, thank them, in your head. That’s all. Easy-peasy!