I get it! I spent the first 35 yrs of my life searching for a feeling of purpose, a feeling of connection, of belonging, of being desired and appreciated. I was searching for this feeling in all the wrong places…. through romantic relationships, through trying to look a certain way on the outside, through being accepted by the “in” crowd, by checking off all the arbitrary goals and benchmark boxes, etc.

The reality is I was searching for validation via the opinions of others. Nothing in my life was working out the way I wanted it. Nothing was giving me that feeling I was searching for and I developed chronic anxiety and panic attacks as a result.

To others I appeared to be happy. On the outside, I wore a smile and put on a happy face, things looked good on the outside, but on the inside I felt lost, anxious, scared and alone. However, I was blessed to be indirectly, introduced to meditation and I began to have this ever knowing feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me there had to be more.

For me, meditation allowed me to connect to the deep knowing that there was more to life than what I was currently experiencing. Can you relate? Have you ever felt like there has to be more?

I knew I needed a renewed sense of purpose and I was desperate to find it & the discomfort activated me to search the one place I hadn’t searched for happiness and fulfillment.
My intuition let me on a path to study success principles, joy and purpose and to research how science can actually help someone make their dreams come true. My discomfort in my average and ordinary life led me to quantum physics.

You may be like, quantum physics, what the heck is that? And I can totally relate because it wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t know what it was either.

Or, maybe you already know what quantum physics is and that’s exciting ! And if this is new to you, I hope you are now intrigued & want to know about quantum physics so you can do something magical in your life, just like I am now able to do.

My life is now filled with joy, inner peace and excitement. But it’s not enough for just me to be happy and what really hurts my heart is there so many great people with amazing dreams,

dreams of transforming lives, traveling the world, earning great money so that they can touch, support and inspire other people with that money and so on and so forth. But many of these people never see their dreams come to pass because they don’t understand how to utilize the tools of quantum physics.

What are your big dreams? Whatever they are, they are not meant to die on the vine!!!
You’re supposed to live and breathe these dreams!

I am deeply passionate about this topic because I believe that we’re living in a time when the responsibility is on us, as well the opportunity available to us, to find, to seek out our purpose and create happy, fulfilling lives!

Have you ever walked into a room and you just felt lit up instantly? You felt good energy?
You felt alive, inspired? High vibrations were flowing and you just knew it was gonna be a good experience? That is energy flowing!

On the other hand, have you ever walked into a room and it just didn’t feel good? It felt heavy and low vibe and you know you want out of there ASAP. That is energy, as well. We feel high-vibes and we feel low vibes and this is what quantum physics is all about.
It’s about energy, and how our energy, both positive and negative has a frequency and we get tuned into the frequency that we give out into the world. So, if you want to live your dreams, you must vibrate at the frequency that matches that which you want to call forth into your life.

So, it’s your job to always engage the highest vibration available to you, because the higher the vibration, the more you’re going to receive the circumstances and opportunities that match that feeling (frequency of that feeling,) because energy flows where your attention goes. OK?
This doesn’t mean you don’t experience the lower frequencies like anger, shame, grief, ect… It’s that you don’t hang out there for any longer than necessary and you learn how to get back tuned up to a high vibration by honoring your feelings, expressing them, and then releasing them. Three easy ways you can do this is with: laughter, exercise/movement and/or meditation, for ex., among other things.

This is the magic of quantum physics….. shift your energy, shift your focus and if your vibration becomes an energetic match to what you truly desire, let the magic begin!!

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I want you to wake up and be blown away by your life, because you deserve to have an epic life! That is my wish for YOU!

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