I am often amazed with the magic of this life experience! On Tuesday June 6th eve, I witnessed something I never had dreamed of, something I never heard of, something that made my heart feel as if it had discovered fire. (& it kinda did…..read on) It resonated so deeply because of my childhood experiences with my beloved dad and, wait for it…. “fire” flies. Of course!!!

Recently, having made the move to a beautiful community outside of Atlanta, Georgia, (Serenbe), I have made it a commitment to mindfully engage with nature, on the daily, and have encountered many creatures that I have never seen before. At times, those amazing, creature friends have startled me on my mindful, hug- treeing, nature outings, as well as when they suddenly appear in my bedroom or house, OMG, is that a bird or a spider or a spiderbird???, lol

Yesterday, after teaching my yoga class, I was told by my beautiful, new, Angel, friend that there is this crazy fire fly phenomenon that happens only a couple days at dusk, here , in Serenbe, in the woods, NOW! “You must go tonight, at dusk, they may have left by tomorrow, and only at dusk”, she said and showed me where I must go. I eagerly agreed that I shall go there, and then later in the evening, gently gave my husband and son the command that they will be escorting me ( of course, it was going to be dusk (dark) in the woods:)

On our way to this magical, mystical forest of fireflies, we were blessed by 3 more gracious Angel friends, 2 human, 1 canine, who were so beyond generous to offer to escort us, (follow us, golf cart livin’) and then took us right to the point where we needed to enter the forest and could not be more grateful to these generous souls.

So with my hubby, son, and fur baby (ZsaZsa Gabor) in tow, we entered into the forest, a tiny bit early, cuz dusk is late here in Georgia in the summer, y’all. But as we began to go deeper into the woods, it became evident that we were in for some magic….we started to see the glimmers of light emanating from about a couple feet off the ground, and we forged on….and soon the entire forest was lit, by fire flies, deep through the thick of the woods.

It was a magnificent light show, completely synchronized throughout the forest. Every firefly’s light, sparkling at the very exact time, fascinating! I believe anyone would’ve thought there was some kind of DJ, or light artist, hiding somewhere, pressing a button. That’s how in sync they were! It was a complete, gorgeous, mind-blowing/expanding experience!

And it was just a part of nature! Just what we’re equally, ALLl, a part of ! Every one of us and every sentient being, plant, bug, etc… I was in complete awe and wonder and it was an honor and a privilege! It was their show and we there to be a humble, grateful, audience (although there show would have gone on, with or without us, also humbling).

There were no photos to be taken, because Mother Nature agrees that some things are not to be captured by photos. This, Mother Nature by design, was something that had to be experienced.

For me, this was a profound lesson and reminder to be present to, and looking for, the miracles of every day. There is magic everywhere if you slow down enough and pay attention to the details of every, single day. Look up, look down, look to your left, and to your right, look within, and you will find a miracle or something that just makes you go huh, and then Wowwww!!! And I promise you, they are available to us, every, single, day if we just look, listen, & engage life with open-ended curiosity, and allow!

So grateful to the fireflies for doing their amazingness, and to the firefly squad that got us there! Blessed by this experience & Dad I know you’re smiling and wondering how many I caught….I love you and love the memories of catching them on our deck with you year after year, my champion catcher!