****This is a PSA for how YOU can stay true to yourself and try not to get too caught up in the fact that is only X days til Christmas/New Year’s/Boxing Day, even when you are bombarded with reminders at every turn of what the perfect holiday should look and feel like!****

1) Boundaries Baby: It’s OK to turn down some stuff: Social activities, holiday gatherings, meetups with friends, family “obligations”, etc. It’s your break, and if doing these things energizes you, as they do for many extroverts, go for it. But often, we attend holiday functions not out of joy, but out of obligation. For many of us who lean towards introversion, believe we are full fledged introverts, or vacillate somewhere in between , parties can be fun and community-building, but they often can also be an exhausting amalgam of overthinking and anxiety. Know your limits. and don’t feel guilty saying NO. The good news is that chances are, no one will even notice you’re not there. That sounds sad, but it’s actually pretty freakin’ liberating

2) Know this: The work will always be there. If you can, try to give your body and mind the time and space to relax and recharge, and spend these days with the people closest to you, those who uplift you with their positive energy. You deserve it, your loved ones deserve it, and it will make you more effective when you come back from break, if you are hopefully able to take one. We all need make sure we fill our tank, even you full-fledged extroverts!

3) Manage your expectations mindfully: Focus on the things that you do have control over. If Aunt Clara is always and hour late, do not expect her to have somehow magically changed her ways, and if uncle Joe always drinks too much, do not expect him to magically ask you for a Perrier with lemon. If these things happen, see it as the holiday miracle that it is, but do not expect anyone to behave other than the ways you have known them to behave in every, or almost every past familial occasion. However, in advance, think proactively about how you can manage those situations best, with the least drama for all. Always do your best to focus on the good and look for solutions rather than dwelling on the problems.

4) Plan tomorrow today, meaning, plan ahead of time! Whether you’re celebrating or avoiding celebrating, traveling or hosting, it’s a really stressful/triggering time for a lot of us. and it’s only compounded if we don’t prepare a bit. And again, don’t be afraid to have boundaries with relatives! You are allowed to have a start and end time for holiday get-togethers, whether you are hosting or when you are a guest, you get to choose your end time, but please show up on time (you know this though).

5) Engage in things that make you laugh: Laughter is one of the surest way to stop an over-thinking, stressed out body and brain, or at the least, divert the overthinking to a positive direction.

6) Do things to serve others…Period! During the holidays, all year, service will always bring you to a place of joy and peace, and gratitude, as well!

LASTLY, and MOST IMPORTANTLY-Prioritize your well-being over all other factors and make things as easy as possible for yourself. you do YOU! Try to keep to your regular routine as much as possible, try to get a lot of rest, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


Wellness wishes always,