You are the star of your own movie/life! If we look at our life as a movie, with God being the director, then we use our faith in God”s ability to direct our lives.

When things are tough, and we are immersed in it, we can’t see how things will progress in the future, we lack perspective, we think “it’s all over, oh no!!”It is very easy to assume things will always be the way they are today. When things are going well, we also lose perspective as we think we are in control of things.

The truth is we are only in control of two things, how we prepare for what might happen and how we respond to what just happened. Our job is to prepare for what might happen and to respond to what just happened. It’s just one scene in our movie. You are God’s writing partner, God is the director, no idea becomes a movie without passing through production and development.

Development begins with your having a vision of what you would like your life to be about. Do you understand what your life is supposed to be about?

With our life, we have to have clarity of what our vision is for ourselves, of what we are supposed to do in this life, which, then, gives us clarity. Our lives need developing, not just going through the motions in life, on autopilot, going from scene to scene, with no idea of what the intention is.,

When you co-write, or co-create your life, you are the star of your movie, with intention. We need to know what our motivation is, so that we go into each scene in our life with purposeful intention. I want you to think about your purpose and your awareness .I want you to gain perspective, and be inspired to live your highest vision and highest self, embracing your true self and take action in line with that vision.

How do you define success? Peace, Love, Grace, Humility, Fulfillment. Is there purpose and meaning in this day?

Are you content when you look at yourself in the mirror? That is success! It is not an outside job. It is not by external forces, it is from within.

Stay in your own movie, refine and develop your own story.

Do you have faith in God, or in a higher power? Do you believe that life is happening for you and through you?

Do you know that by just being born, there is a plan for you to be successful, happy, healthy and holy? God/higher power/the universe/divine intelligence wants you to have your best performance in this life. When we think of God (or whatever you refer to it as) as the director, we want to give our best performance as the star in our own movie., who wants the very best out of your story!

When you embrace who you are, doors will open, not shut. Do not walk through doors that will not fit your truth!

But there is no story without conflict, it is the hardest lesson that we have to learn, to realize, and to accept. That is where growth happens, where we build character, grit, resiliency, and strength. Conflict provides us with lessons, and development.,

We are all works in progress! Constantly refining, letting go of things that no longer serve us, and adding things that do serve our spirit. That’s right, superstar!!